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Reconnect Fee
The Corporation shall charge a fee of $30.00 for reconnecting service after the Corporation has previously disconnected the service for any reason provided for in the Tariff except for activation of service under Section E.3.b (Re-service)

April 1 2017
Monthly Charges

Minimum Monthly Charges-The monthly charge for a metered water service is based on meter size and is as follows. 

This is a fixed rate at 0 gallons usage.

Meter Size                                5/8"x3/4" Meter Equivalents                              Monthly Rate
5/8" x 3/4"                                                    1.0                                                            $     24.50
3/4" Multi                                                     1.5                                                            $     36.75

1"                                                                   2.5                                                            $     61.25
1 1/2"                                                            5.0                                                            $   122.50
2"                                                                   8.0                                                            $   196.00
3" CMPD                                                     16.0                                                            $   392.00
3" TURB                                                      17.5                                                            $   428.75
4" CMPD                                                     25.0                                                            $   612.50
4" TURB                                                      30.0                                                            $   735.00
6" CMPD                                                     50.0                                                            $1,225.00
6" TURB                                                      62.5                                                            $1,531.25
8" CMPD                                                     80.0                                                            $1,960.00

Increasing Block Rate Charges
0-6,000 Gallons                            $3.00/thousand gallons
6,001 to 16,000                            $4.00/thousand gallons
16,001 to 26,000                          $5.00/thousand gallons
26,001 to 36,000                          $6.00/thousand gallons
36,001 and over                           $7.00/thousand gallons
Service Charge
For any service call when the issue is on the customer side of the meter, there will be a $50.00 charge.

Late Payment Fees
Once per billing period a penalty of $5.00 or 5% whichever is larger shall be applied
to delinquent bills.  This late payment penalty shall not be applied to any balance to 
which the penalty was applied in previous billing, but shall be applied to any unpaid 
balance during the current billing period.
Returned Check Fee
In the event a check, draft or any other similar instrument is given by a person, firm, 
corporation or partnership to the Corporation for payment of services provided for in
the Tariff and the instrument  is returned by the bank or other similar institution as 
 insufficient or non-negotiable for any reason, the account for which the instrument 
was issued shall be assessed a return check charge of $20.00.

Wimberley Water Supply Corporation

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